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Stocking Stuffer Bundles!!

Perfect for gift giving or just to hoard for yourself, these are packets of 10 or more items in the group of your choice. Choose from Chip Beads, Pendants, Marbles, Eggs, Rings, Bracelets, or Crystals. Be that cool person at the office party who puts out a tray of gemstone goodies for everyone to choose from, or send your kids to school with gifts that their friends will go crazy over. NO LIMIT; buy as many as you like. FUN!

Stocking Stuffer Bundles

This sale runs through December 31, 2017.

[NOTE: We sometimes get a little behind in updating our sales. If the sale cut-off date above is before today's date, the sale is probably still going on anyway. We always run a sale. There will never be a time when we are not running some sort of special, so even if the date above has passed, the sale is still valid until we change it.]

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