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Moving is hard. You've got your stuff all lined up or the shelves, carefully catalogued, ready to ship, and suddenly someone tells you you have to move everything across the country. And you try to set up, but you know your current location is temporary, so you don't REALLY set stuff up, but just pull from boxes when you can (and cut the items from the order when you can't). You shut the website down, then reopen it, then shut it down, then re-open it, over and over because things still aren't ready to go.

Then you finally relocate for what is probably going to be at least a few more years, and start to unwrap and shelve everything, and think, "Maybe we should re-open again...?"

So there you go.

The sale? One free item for every item you order. Simply put, if you buy something, and we send it to you, there will be an extra freebie in the package for you. One freebie for every item sent. If you buy 6 items, there will be 6 freebies. If you buy 60 items, there will be a gigantic pile of 60 freebies. If you buy 600 items, not only will we send you 600 freebies, but we'll even give you free shipping and a coupon for $2 off of your next order. That's the type of cool we are. (In exchange, we ask for your understanding on the occasional likely event that one or more items you ordered will be lost in a box and won't be found for another six months.)

It's the sale that gives you lots of little stocking stuffers while simultaneously allowing me to dump the stuff at the top of the box. Everyone wins!

This sale runs through November 30, 2016.

[NOTE: We sometimes get a little behind in updating our sales. If the sale cut-off date above is before today's date, the sale is probably still going on anyway. We always run a sale. There will never be a time when we are not running some sort of special, so even if the date above has passed, the sale is still valid until we change it.]

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