Genealogy Research
Genealogical Research
Suzanne Bettonville is a professional Genealogist who has been doing research for 15 years. She will trace your family history through up to five generations back, and send you a full report on her findings.

We have two different packages to choose from. One is the a la carte package, whereby you pay as you go. The cost is $30 per hour of research (the first two hours are FREE), plus the cost of expenses such as printing materials and microfilm rental. Suzanne will bill after every ten hours of research, and will stay in touch with you regularly to keep you updated on new information and gain permission for more research. You may continue with research as long as you like, or cancel at any time. This is a good choice for people who are not yet sure if they want the help of a professional Genealogist. They are under no obligation after the purchase of the Introductory Package ($10).

Our other package is the complete package. For one price, you will get 22 hours of research (the first two hours are FREE), and all other expenses paid. You may cancel this at any time for a refund of the remaining amount. After the 22 hours are completed, Suzanne will contact you for instructions on further research. This is the best option for people who know with certainty that they need the services of a professional Genealogist, and who want to save a little money by not having to pay additional expenses.

Both types of package include:
1. A printed Family Tree.
2. Family Group Sheets for each head of household (these include information about all family members, and sources for information).
3. Printed images of all documentation discovered during research (census records, immigration records, tax records, vital records, photos, etc.)
4. A CD with your complete GEDCOM (family tree) file. (You may use this file to create your own family tree on your computer.)
5. A summary of research.
6. A binder to hold all the information.

Initial research involves finding out who your ancestors are, using basic records. Further research involves finding out what types of people they were, using more specialized records such as tax records, wills, military records, land purchases, etc.