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Stone: Amethyst Sage Agate (AKA Sage Amethyst)
Color: Transparent and translucent shades of light purple, gray, white and black, with black moss-like inclusions
Approximate size & shape of chips: 1/4"; rounded, smooth, glassy
50 Stone Chip Beads

For the jewelry-maker or beading enthusiast, here are 50 beads made of Amethyst Sage Agate chips. Chips are the small leftovers from tumbled stones or shells, with holes drilled through them. Mix them with other stone beads and metallic spacers for endless possibilities.

[Please allow for natural variations in the stones.]

This isn't Amethyst and it isn't Agate. It's a chalcedony with inclusions. It's called Amethyst because it has some purple in it (but not much), but who knows where the "agate" comes from. This is also called Sage Amethyst, and apparently it is also called Black Rainbow Opal. So pick your favorite name; it's all the same stuff. A really pretty stone, unusually pale translucent milky purple with black dendrites. If you like Montana Moss Agate but think it is too expensive (and face it, it is), then this will make an excellent substitute.

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