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Rock Roles: Facts, Properties, and Lore of Gemstones

NOW READY TO SHIP! Suzanne Bettonville, owner and operator of Ephemerala Natural Stone Jewelry & Gifts, has written a book. Rock Roles: Facts, Properties, and Lore of Gemstones is a comprehensive guide to the physical properties, lore, history, healing properties, and mythology of over 100 gemstones. Suzanne, a former geology student, has collected a vast mine of information on gemstones for the casual reader. This book will inform you, surprise you, and entertain you.

Based on Suzanne's Stone Fun Facts, Rock Roles expands on the information provided on the Ephemerala website, with 16 all-new stones, and additional information for each stone beyond what is available on the website. In addition to facts about 108 stones, metals, woods and resins found in jewelry, Rock Roles also contains several different birthstone and anniversary stone lists, a discussion of the Mohs scale of hardness, and information on the Indian medicine of chakra healing.

Each page features one stone or other element, and the information given about each one can include the location where it's found, its use in metaphysical healing, superstitions about the stone, the origins of its name, where the stone appears in mythology or folklore, how the stone was used in ancient times, alternate names for the stone, the stone's use in today's non-jewelry industries, and interesting trivia about the stone. Each page offers a wealth of information about the individual stone.

Rock Roles is a great resource for the casual gemstone collector, the curious reader, or jewelry makers who want to know the healing properties of their pieces.

Rock Roles is NOW available to ship.

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