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Penny Sale Hints
12 Feb 2007

People occasionally write to me and ask if there's any way I will give up the location of the Penny Sale.  We originated this little fun sale to get people to browse the site more.  The idea is that, the more you browse, the more stuff you are likely to find that you like!  So we change the Penny Sale's location every two weeks to keep folks looking.

While I won't give out the location of any current Penny Sale, I will give a few hints to those who are interested in finding it.

1. Note last fortnight's Penny Sale.
I sometimes create a new Penny Sale without removing the old one.  Some customers have had great success in scooping up a "retired" Penny item the day after the newsletter arrives!  This will never be a given (and you can bet I'll be removing last week's sale before I send this newsletter out!), but in general, try looking for last week's sale and see what happens.

2. Think of Price.
The Penny Sale item has to be something on which I can take a small loss.  Therefore, it will usually be something that ordinarily costs $2 or less.  Don't look for it among the more expensive items.

3. Think of Size.
While we do add a shipping charge to the Penny Sale item, it still has to be something that will easily fit in with the rest of your order.  Therefore, you'll never find Penny Sale items that are particularly heavy, large, or awkward-shaped.

4. Think of Variation. 
We try to rotate the items somewhat, so if last week's item was beads, it will NOT be beads again.  If last week's item was a ring, don't look in the ring section again for at least a couple of months.

5. Scan for Doubles.
The Penny Sale item appears right alongside the original cost item, so a quick scan of the page will show two identical pictures next to each other.

6. Forget about the Search Engine.
We get tons of hits every week for "penny" in our search engine.  The problem with this is that the word "penny" in on the sidebar of every single one of our 2000+ pages!  So doing a search on "penny" won't help at all.

With these hints, perhaps you will have more luck in finding the Penny Sale!

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