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10 Dec 2007

How about your affectionate giggle of the day?

I got the idea for this business back in 1993, when I had a few handmade items to sell, but didn't want to be tied down to any one thing. I chose a business name that would reflect the changing nature of my store: Ephemerala, which means "things that are ephemeral." Much later, when I started selling stuff on eBay in 2001, I thought that the name "Ephemerala" was pretty and exotic, and would make a good name for a store that sells, among other things, beads and jewelry.

Anyway, back to 1993. When I didn't have enough to do at work one day (and it actually happened a lot--I had a really great job!), I created a little catalogue flyer for my new business. Recently, I came across this old flyer. I had to laugh at the awful typing job and my insane shipping costs. One thing that amused me was that even today I am still selling those ink pressed bookmarks--I made HUNDREDS of them at work (the very same work that gave me enough time to write flyers--I tell ya, it was a GREAT job!), and am still selling them today. And as early as 1993 I was selling polished gemstones. Some things never change, despite the claim for their being "ephemeral."

Also interesting is that I didn't change the Ephemerala header font very significantly. That Celtic look always seemed to go very well for that purpose. Check out Ephemerala from the past on its very own page:
Ephemerala 1993.

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